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Livestream Setup Ready!

December 2016 Update

I’m happy to say the relocation of the studio is done and I’ve also finished setting up the livestream setup. For now I can’t stream at fixed hours but I will try to every couple of days or at least create a 30 min (ish) tutorial every week. The chosen platforms are Twitch and Youtube because (beside being free) I can stream to both without causing too much CPU strain. In case you’re into this sort of things, the restreaming part is taken care of by a service named Restream and it’s very straightforward to use. You’ll find a 4h video is already up and it’s me finishing up a remix for a romanian band (Vita de Vie) – finishing touches, mixing and mastering.

Feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps me make better, more focused content in the future.

Thanks for sticking by and Happy New Year everyone!


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